Private hypnobirthing

Why choose Private Classes?

There is no getting away from it, the physiology of birth is a personal thing!

Learning hypnobirthing in private classes avoids any awkwardness that you may feel in a group setting. Instead there is a friendly, relaxed feeling for your sessions.  There is no such thing as a silly question and you are given time to talk about the ins and outs of birth that you may have been too self-conscious to ask in a group session.

Imagine you are booking lessons to learn a new skill like skiing or playing the piano.  Which would you get more from? Sharing with a large group or enjoying private classes?

Many Mums-to-be worry that the group setting is essential to make friends and therefore create a postnatal peer group.  At Happy Healthy Babies you will automatically become a member of ‘The Happy Baby Hub.’ The Mums meet for monthly coffee mornings and have a private facebook group for ongoing support and chat.  Many lifelong friendships have been formed in the Hub and everyone has one thing in common. Hypnobabies!

Private classes are suitable for a couple together or an expectant mum who wishes to attend on her own, sessions are flexible and arranged around your own availability.

It is true that the more you put into your birth preparation and hypnobirthing practise the better your experience will be. Private classes spread over the remaining weeks of your pregnancy allow as much contact as possible, building confidence in the techniques as you go.

By attending private classes in my dedicated teaching studio you can truly relax away from the distractions of home life.  No phones ringing or doorbells mid session.  I want to make you the cup of tea not the other way around!


If that hasn’t convinced you that private sessions are for you then take a look at my testimonial page and read Mel’s hypnobirthing story here.

You can talk to me about availability by calling 07930 830130 or contact us