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Hypnobirthing stories

Happy Healthy Babies Hypnobirthing Stories

These hypnobirthing stories are the experiences of families who all attended a Happy Healthy Babies Hypnobirthing Course.  I am trained in both The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme and The Mongan Method Hypnobirthing Programme.


Allison - 1st baby (ZOOM course) 

This was out first pregnancy and my husband and I were clueless as to what to expect! I knew that I wanted a relaxed birth and initially hoped for a homebirth. A friend had shared a hypnobirthing book and it sounded right up our alley. I googled hypnobirthing coaches and immediately was drawn to Leonie. The only downside was we live in Sheffield and she is in Warwick. Since everyone was under the initial COVID lockdown I decided to email and ask if she was offering online/virtual classes. Thankfully she said yes! It was the best decision to have Leonie walk with us through this pregnancy! Because she is very welcoming, wise, calming and joyful being online didn’t hinder our experience one bit!  The whole experience was so empowering for us! We learned everything we needed to know about the birth process. Even though my birth story did no go as planned—we were prepared and able to go with the flow without fear thanks to Leonie. Even if we hadn’t been in lockdown, reflecting back makes it incredibly clear that having the right person walking with us far outweighed any potential downside of virtual (but again we did not really feel any downsides). Honestly I cannot speak higher of Leonie and our virtual hypnobirthing course with her! Would recommend to anyone!

Joanna - 1st baby

My Fiancé and I took a one to one Hypnobirthing course with Leonie to help us prepare for the birth of our first baby. Leonie really helped us to understand the process of labour and her support and advice really helped me to release a lot of the anxiety I was feeling leading up to the birth, and to be calm once labour had started and throughout. I had a 14 hour labour with all but the last 90mins at home with only a little bit of gas and air in the final hour. Leonie’s ongoing support for new Mum’s is great too - her monthly coffee mornings have been a real life line for me providing a point of focus and a place to meet other likeminded Mum’s. Thanks Leonie

Katie - 1st and 2nd babies

Hi Leonie, we had our gorgeous baby boy Freddie on the 10/09/20 weighing 7lb 9oz he is just perfect and I had another perfect labour thanks to your classes. I had him in the Bluebell MLU which was very calm and instantly relaxed me being in there. I didn’t have any pain relief, I just used the breathing techniques which worked really well and being in the water was a great pain relief, he was born in the water at 4.42pm. Thanks for all of your support and help, it really did make it possible to have two great birth experiences.

Jo - 1st time mum

Leonie was an absolute god send, I am so grateful to of met her and have her be part of my pregnancy journey. I had an amazing birth which I was fully in control of and managed without any pain relief or intervention. I believe this is all down to hypnobirthing with Leonie. She made me relax, feel confident and prepare for the most amazing day of my life. I think my experience would of been a whole lot different if I hadn’t of learnt about hypnobirthing. Not only is she lovely and caring, she is truely passionate about what she does and made me feel completely relaxed everytime. I also had counselling sessions with Leonie as my pregnancy coincided with a difficult time in my life and she helped me through so much. My hypnotherapy sessions with her gave me clarity and focus and I have since recommended her services to many of my friends. I cannot praise Leonie and hypnobirthing enough x

Suzie - 1st time mum

I cant thank Leonie enough for all she did for us. My husband attended the classes as well and we both found it so calming, relaxing and very very imformative. There was so much we didnt know and we came out feeling so confident and ready for the day. Unfortunately all didnt go according to plan and had to be induced quite urgent due to a dangerous liver condition so I didnt get my hopsital of choice or water birth. But thanks to Leonie I managed to remain calm despite everything that went on and I was able to confidently ask questions and challenge decisions so we got the best outcome for us all. Leonie was one of the first people I spoke to when I found out I needed to be induced and remained a constant line of support throughout the whole process. The whole labour was relaxed, calm and went very smoothly once it got going and I cannot thank you enough for getting us the right birth on the day, avoiding intervention and pain relief like we wanted. You are magical!

Hannah - 1st time mum

We’d love to thank Leonie for all her support and guidance during our hypnobirthing classes in the lead up to the birth of our first baby. The classes prepared us well for labour and really helped me to stay calm and relaxed in the run up to the birth without experiencing any fear. Although the birth did not go to plan, I managed to stay calm and make clear decisions throughout - none of which I regret now, because it ensured our little boy was brought safely into the world. I honestly believe it went as well as it could have under the circumstances and that is all down to the preparation I did with Leonie. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others.

Lucy - 2nd baby

Hypnobirthing with Leonie was one of the best things I did. It played a huge part in making the birth of my second child a wonderful experience. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Victoria - 2nd baby.

We attended one of leonie's weekend workshops for an introduction to hypnobirthing. To be quite frank, in 2 hours she changed my perception of birth and allowed me to challenge everything I knew about birth from the first time round. I wish I had met her with my first pregnancy. To appreciate your pregnancy can end in 'your' birth was a huge psychological shift for me and challenged everything I have been lead to believe about birth and I can't thank her enough for that

Sarah - 1st time mum

Leonie's hypnobirthing sessions have been fantastic! I have also loved the relax and breathe Friday mornings as "top up" sessions to add to the hypnobirthing sessions. The hypnobirthing has been so helpful in pregnancy to help me get in to a relaxed and positive place in terms of how positive I feel about the birth, I am really looking forward to it! But it has also helped me to feel relaxed in pregnancy and just enjoy every moment! The whole package Leonie offers has given us lots of knowledge about the physiology of the body and baby in Labour so we feel relaxed about the birth, and the relaxation techniques have been great, I'm looking forward to using them during birth and I'm sure I will call upon up them in parenting life too! Leonie is a warm and positive teacher and the lodge is a perfect, tranquil setting for the hypnobirthing sessions.

Sam - 2nd baby VBAC

My husband and I had one-on-one sessions with Leonie to help us prepare for the natural birth that we so wanted for our second daughter, following a Cesarean with our first.  Leonie is an excellent teacher who really helps you understand labour and builds confidence in your body to do what it was designed to do!

The techniques that we learned really did help us to prepare for the reality of labour and then enabled me to cope with it when it was in full flow- the proof of the pudding!  Apart from helping me to learn how to relax my body and mind and go with the flow of labour (priceless!), Leonie's sessions meant my husband and I carved out some proper time to pause from the hectic day to day madness and think about the birth of our second baby. Highly recommended.

Rob - 1st time Dad!

I've really enjoyed hypnobirthing with Leonie. I feel that it has put Sarah and I in a relaxed and confident place for the birth of our first child. Leonie is very warm and I've enjoyed the sessions at the lodge. It's all very practical and down-to-earth stuff which will help us to welcome BabyG into the world in a peaceful and calm way.

Georgia - 1st and 2nd babies.

I did a hypno birthing course when I was pregnant with my now 2 year old son. Leonie was fantastic and helped me to embrace the birth not fear it. I had a 6 hour labour with no pain relief and can honestly say I enjoyed it. I'm now pregnant with our second child and have just completed a refresher course with Leonie. It was great and I loved revisiting all of the relaxation techniques. She has reminded me that I am capable and strong and I can't wait to go into labour. Thank you so much Leonie!

Rowena - 1st time mum

Our beautiful baby boy was born at home, in water as we had hoped. It was everything I dreamt it would be and better and... Leonie's support and advice played a huge part in that. Our midwife said it was the calmest most relaxed birth she'd ever attended and she has been a midwife for over 30 years! My (initially skeptical!) husband and I had signed up for a private course with Leonie after a recommendation. The tools given to us through the course meant we felt so calm and prepared for the birth. The relaxation techniques are useful beyond birth too. I also attended the Relax and Breathe sessions which were a great help in keeping me relaxed and focused (especially useful as we went 12 days overdue!) and I have made some great friends through Leonie, her Relax and Breathe group and her coffee mornings. I cannot recommend Leonie enough and her course was the best baby related investment we made, by a long way.

Honey - 2nd time mum

Having had a traumatic time during the delivery of my first daughter, I was determined to take control of the birth of my second child. I had meticulously planned a home birth, with little intervention if possible, and knew that I had to overcome any anxieties I may have possessed. Thankfully, I came across Leonie's website and was instantly taken with her gentle, positive aura. Immediately after our first session, my husband and I felt confident that our hopes for a relaxed, natural birth in the calm of our home would be realised.Every session we felt more empowered than the last, to the point we were oozing confidence and positivity, resulting in what I can only describe as the perfect birth of my beautiful girl. Leonie is a fabulous hypnobirthing teacher, with an amazing demeanour that can soothe any raw nerves. We can't thank Leonie enough!

Emma - 2nd time mum

I had a course of hypnobirthing while I was pregnant with my 2nd child and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. The birth of my 1st son was a very scary experience and I felt totally out of control.However, when I gave birth to my 2nd son, I was so much better informed and in control of the situation and more importantly of my body.  I can truthfully say that hypnobirthing help me enjoy labour the second time round and made it possible for me to have very little intervention with no pain relief.

Due to hypnobirthing, my recovery after the 2nd birth was much quicker and mentally, I felt better prepared for life with another newborn in the family.

Debbie - 1at time mum

I can recommend Leonie and hypnoBirthing from experience! I was very anxious about giving birth and very squeamish and scared of hospitals. After doing the hypnoBirthing course with Leonie I had a natural birth with just a bit of gas and air! Leonie is truly amazing!

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