Refresher Hypnobirthing classes

Hypnobirthing Refresher Course

Our hypnobirthing refresher course is designed to exactly cover what you need when preparing to birth again.

Do you feel excited? nervous? happy? worried?

Perhaps you are feeling all of the above and then some more, this is only to be expected when you find out you are expecting another baby.

Being pregnant again is an exciting time but it is important to work through your previous birth experience before you can look forward to your next. Whether you have previously used hypnobirthing or not we have something to help you feel ready, alleviate worries and fears and start to gain confidence about your next birth.

What we feel when we are pregnant again is very different to our first pregnancies,  there are new challenges to consider like time, tiredness and childcare.  Life is definitely much busier and pregnancy can sometimes feel less exciting or more rushed.   It is important that your hypnobirthing sessions and practise fit in with your day to day life, something that is not always an easy task!

"When I was pregnant with my second child I had to be a bit more creative with my hypnobirthing practise!  I would listen to my relaxations during my daughter's nap time or while my partner did bath-time.  Sometimes I snatched 10 minutes in the car when she had dozed off!  This was not always easy but I knew that by doing my relaxation practise I was not only investing in my second birth experience, but it gave me more energy to get through my day, reduced my afternoon tiredness and I felt more calm to deal with my day to day parenting challenges."

Hypnobirthing Refresher Course

2 x 2hr sessions to cover exactly what you need to revise and refresh your hypnobirthing practise.

Session One Mum Only (20-24wks)  - In your first session we will discuss your previous birth or births and help you to work through any details or feelings that you have about these experiences.
  • Birth debrief
  • Breathing techniques
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Stress and the role of hormones
  • Controlling anxiety
Session Two Mum and Birth Partner (32-36wks)
  • Birth preferences
  • Decision making
  • What to expect
  • Birth Partner's role
  • Q&A's

We will also include anything else that you would like to focus on or achieve from this new birth.

After Birth Listening

Sometimes giving birth can result in unexpected events, for example emergency procedures, premature birth or anything else that you may have felt unprepared for.

Whatever your experience of childbirth, it is not uncommon to be unable to recall every detail of the event or for time to feel blurry.

The After Birth Listening session allows you time to talk and reflect on your previous birth experience in a relaxed and private environment.  This can help you to make sense of what happened and answer any questions you may have. The service may also help you to prepare and plan for future pregnancies by talking through your previous birth experiences.

VBAC Preparation

Preparing for vaginal birth after a previous caesarean can evoke many emotions - excitement and fear rolled into one.

Many women go on to experience vaginal birth without the need for intervention and increased medicalisation.

Read Kelly's inspirational story here about her VBAC birth using The Wise Hippo hypnobirthing techniques.

Adapt your hypnobirthing course to include special material, video's and birth preferences specifically for a VBAC hypnobirth,  learn how to research your options. carefully,  communicate with your midwife and hospital and understand the current guidelines for birth after a caesarean.


Read Dr Sara Wickhams interpretation of the revised 2019 VBAC guidelines


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