Our Services Explained

Everything that we do at Happy Healthy Babies is promoting physical and mental health in pregnancy through a programme of well thought out classes and workshops.  All of our services are designed to reduce stress, increase knowledge and prepare for the most positive experience possible.

The basis for our teaching is about understanding how the strong mind/body connection that we have works.  The more calm and confident that you feel, the better your body will perform.  Stress has a negative effect on how the body works whether you are trying to conceive, expecting a baby or experiencing labour and birth.

The HypnoBirthing programme is designed to slowly build confidence, eliminating all fear and anxiety and fully preparing you and your birth partner with all that you need to experience a safe and calm birth that you had hoped for. You will learn to trust your body during birth, using relaxation, visualisation and breathing to work with your body rather than against it. The deep relaxation techniques that are practiced throughout pregnancy keep stress at bay having a positive effect on both you and your baby before, during and after birth. Babes are born better adjusted and happier, having a direct result on breast-feeding and sleeping patterns and mums are far less likely to experience any postnatal discomfort or depression.

The Relax, Breathe and Birth active workshop is designed to give you an introduction to the practical techniques for labour.  A fabulous starting point for anyone interested in hypnobirthing.

The Waterbirth masterclass is designed for couples hoping to birth in water.  It offers the opportunity to get into a pool, experiment with positions and have a 'dry run' before the big day while exploring the benefits of waterbirth in detail.

Aromotherapy for birth explores how aromatherapy is a valuable addition to any labour bag.  We discuss the uses of five key oils all proven to support the body and mind during labour and birth.  You even get the change to mix your own massage oil!

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To book your HypnoBirthing course or for any further information please call on 01926 840210 or email me via the form on the following pages.