COVID-19 lockdown and how to prepare for birth with hypnobirthing

The current COVID-19 pandemic has created a feeling of confusion and unease around having a baby.

Here are just a few of the questions that I regularly get asked:

  • Will I continue to see my community midwife?
  • Can my birth partner attend antenatal appointments/scans?
  • What if I or my birth partner have symptoms of COVID-19?
  • Can I use the Midwifery Led Centre to birth my baby?
  • Will my birth partner be with me?
  • Will the pool be available?
  • Can I have visitors?
  • Will my partner stay with me after birth?
  • Will my caesarean be rescheduled?

During this time it is even more important than ever to feel confident and informed about your birth choices and decisions.

All of my hypnobirthing classes have been adapted to reflect the current NHS guidelines and local NHS trust COVID-19 policies so that you have the most up to date information throughout your course.

Covid-19 Online 1:1 Hypnobirthing Course

From £225
  • 4 x 2 hour live sessions
  • Full course support book and online client library
  • 5 x Guided Relaxation MP3's
  • 1 x Instrumental Music MP3
  • Personalised Birth Preferences
  • 38 Week Support Call
  • Newborn Birth Reflection Meeting
  • Private Facebook Group Membership
  • Fortnightly Online Group Antenatal Chat

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