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Did you achieve your perfect birth?The right birth on the day

Yes? No? Well actually it’s a bit of a trick question! Still it is one that is asked on a daily basis when we talk to women about their births.

Can you spot the problem with this question?

You cannot achieve or not achieve birth, you can simply arm yourself with the knowledge and skills to do the best that you can on the day.

To achieve something suggests that you can also fail at it because achieving is a measurement of success. We cannot succeed or fail at birth because there is no right or wrong way to do it! How you imagine your birth to be will different to your neighbour or sister or friend, it doesn’t make one person’s ideas right and another wrong. We must all live within our own expectations and ideas. There is a big difference between a perfect birth and a positive birth.

This is what defines Hypnobirthing and The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme. From our first meeting I will be working within your expectations of your birth, whether that is assisted by pain relief, a water birth, a home birth or a standing on your head birth. Your expectation is so important to experience the right birth on the day for you.

We are not carbon copies of each other, and our bodies are incredibly powerful and beautiful machines that have many different working pathways. What we do know is that deep relaxation and breathing enables your body to work efficiently, regulating the key functions of the body and enabling a feeling of calm and control throughout your experience.

The mind is the thinking engine of your machine, if your mind is neglected and cranky then the body just can’t work in the way it is designed to. It will go too fast or slow or maybe stop completely! Hypnobirthing starts with the mind to strengthen the connection with the body by reducing negative thoughts and increasing confidence and positive thinking. A strong, healthy mind can stay present and confidently make decisions throughout their birth experience. A strong healthy mind will have positive self-talk, telling themselves what they can do rather than what they can’t. A strong, healthy mind will feel security and trust in themselves and the people around them. A strong, healthy mind will adapt to changes and feel in control. A strong, healthy body listens to the mind.

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