Pregnant Again? How to avoid the 2nd pregnancy woes.

You’ve found out that you are pregnant again! After the joy and excitement of such lovely news it dawns on you that pregnancy 2nd time around is not quite the exciting journey of discovery that you remember from your first experience. … Continue reading »

HypnoBirthing – Forget hippy nonsense, this is total common sense!

There are many different views on what hypnobirthing is about so I hope that this may help to shed some light on the real reason hypnobirthing has helped thousands of couples across the world achieve a positive birth experience. Let’s … Continue reading »

Taking the ‘hip’ out of hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has had many stereotypes over the years but gone are the days that it was considered ‘hip’ or even entertaining. Hypnotherapy is classified as a ‘CAM’ therapy (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) and is a recognised treatment to work alongside … Continue reading »